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Clean Food

Kaden Harari

Chanah is easily accessible, has great advice and is an amazing listener. She is able to provide you with the tools that you might be missing in order to guide you in the direction that you were looking for.

Ariela Solomon Stein

As a very health conscious person who was lost in the woods of tons of internet health information, stress and burnout, working with Chanah was a game changer for me.

Chana Rachel Frumin

Pesach listens with a level of perception that seems almost intuitive and fosters a stable sense of trust and support for the client throughout the session.

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CareBnB Israel is the hub for your journey towards rejuvenation. We assist our clients in rediscovering the personal values, goals and critical skills that can facilitate a fresh perspective on life, and provide practical skills that help you resume your regular life, feeling more centered.

CareBnB Israel is a revolution for your inner world. We serve as the consultants for your soul’s interior design. Discover which small changes will make a big difference in how you live your style. Come on over, we're located in Efrat.


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