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Clean Food

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1:1 Sessions

500 nis/hour

zoom or in person

Learn food confidence with Chanah or dive deep in therapy with Pesach.

Image by Gaelle Marcel
Overnight Getaways

2500-11,000 NIS

1-2 people | 1-2 nights

Discover ways to foster connection with yourself and/or your partner. Learn simple vegetable focused skills in the kitchen, participate in therapy and coaching sessions, read a book and do some art, then return to your daily routine.

Leave your kids back home and

get some sleep.

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Shabbat Experience

Groups of 2-4 men or women

Seminary | Yeshiva | Gap Year

Experience Shabbat with the Shirat David Community in Efrat. Learn how to trust your intuition and prepare for Shabbos in our family environment.  Bring some friends along to experience a taste of Living Torah in a vibrant community.

Want to hear more?

Talk with Chanah, she's really nice. and looks forward to figuring out if a stay at CareBnB or a 1:1: session is right for you!

Are you intrigued?

Come on in, the door's open.

CareBnB Israel is the hub for your journey towards rejuvenation. We assist our clients in rediscovering the personal values, goals and critical skills that can facilitate a fresh perspective on life, and provide practical skills that help you resume your regular life, feeling more centered.

CareBnB Israel is a revolution for your inner world. We serve as the consultants for your soul’s interior design. Discover which small changes will make a big difference in how you live your style. Come on over, we're located in Efrat.


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