Keep Life Simple.

You know what's right for you.

Cut through the outside voices and tune in.

CareBnB is a space to bring it back to the basics. A Personal Growth Getaway designed to simplify your life and enrich your relationships. Learn to nourish your mind, body and soul through our holistic approach. You will leave CareBnB feeling serene, invigorated and eager to integrate new habits into your daily life! 


Join power couple Pesach and Chanah for a quick voyage into the inner workings of your life. Pesach works with the men. Chanah works with the women. At times we all work together.

Short & Sweet Stays

Power Couple Reboot

11,000 NIS

2 people | 2 full days

How’s your marriage?

Communication? Kids? Home Life?


Discover ways to foster connection while supporting your partner’s own expression of individuality. Leave your kids back home and get some sleep.

Image by Markus Spiske
Solo Adventure

7000 NIS

1 individual | 2 full days

Overwhelmed with conflicting advice? 
“Experts” telling you how you should be living your life, but deep down, something feels…

Dive deep, move forward and learning simple skills to find your way back home — a return to yourself.

Image by Se Nuno

Shabbat Chavaya

Groups of 2-6 | men or women only

Seminary | Yeshiva | Gap Year students

Are you feeling uncertain about your future?

Have you lost the zest for learning? Do you feel a lack of connection when davening?

Are you struggling to internalize the Torah you’re learning?

Join us and learn how to trust your intuition.

Bring some friends along to experience a taste of Living Torah in a vibrant community.

Want to hear more?

Talk to Chanah, she's really nice. But she's super busy, so respect her time.

Click below to schedule a free 15-min chat.

Image by Katerina May

Holistic Healing Journey

From 10,000 NIS

4 days, 3 nights | groups of 2-4

Endlessly treating symptoms goes in circles. Instead, explore how the different areas of your life influence each other. Attend to the root cause(s) of dis-ease and unlock the cure that will lead to your wellbeing.

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel
I desperately needed help, overwhelmed with PTSD, numbness and anxiety. I felt incapable of trusting anyone and therefore avoided getting the help that I needed. Eventually the anxiety had taken over, I was no longer functioning. Pesach listened while I recounted my traumatic experiences with details I had never felt safe to share before. I learnt to trust again, began opening up and to feel again.


Image by John Moeses Bauan
Narrative Therapy

with Pesach

500 NIS  |  1 hour

The power of a question contains potential to evoke a profound or sudden sense of meaning, understanding and connection.

The right question can alter the way we view or experience different parts of our lives. 
How would you want your story to go? 

Image by Daniela Beleva
Chanah and Pesach R Headshots-2.jpg
Integrative Nutrition Coaching

with Chanah

500 NIS  |  1 hour

Our food choices and overall well-being are reflected in the larger areas of our life. By widening our focus, our approach becomes more authentic and catered directly to our personal needs.

Internationally known chef turned coach, Chanah Rothberg offers guidance from a Holistic Perspective.

Are you intrigued?

Come on in, the door's open.

Imagine what it’s like abandoning conventional terms such as Good, Bad, Happy or Sad; instead simply receiving the moment - just as it is.

CareBnB ISRAEL is the hub for your journey towards rejuvenation. We assist our clients in rediscovering the personal values, goals and critical skills that can facilitate a fresh perspective on Life. 
During their stay our clientele has access to a robust network of professional practitioners, which include acupuncture, crystal/energy work, massage, TRE, yoga and more.

CareBnB ISRAEL is a revolution for your inner world. We serve as the consultants for your soul’s interior design. Discover which small changes will make a big difference in how you live your style.

Energy Healing
Coffee with Friends

Upcoming Event

Monday-Wednesday  |  Dec 12-14  |  up to 4 women

Step Mama's Getaway

Our Holistic Approach


Sleep on it.

Absorb all of your hard work,



Simple steps forward that create sustainable habits to achieve your goals.


When we feel 'stuck', oftentimes we just need to shift our energy around.


Let's go deep and evaluate whether your current narrative is serving you.


Learn how to tap into your breath to calm your nervous system.

Clean Food

When you eat real food from the earth, you'll simply feel better.

Want to hear more?

Talk to Chanah, she's really nice. But she's super busy, so respect her time.

Click below to schedule a free 15-min chat.

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