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Come rest for a while.

CareBNB is your destination when you need to quickly and comfortably realign yourself with who you want to be and how you want to live. 

An Extraordinary Experience

The time you are with us is critical. We customize your plan to address the issues that really matter. Your intention is our agenda! You have specific needs, you can’t get them done with all your family. We’re going to customize each day of this experience to serve your goals. 

Your journey starts at 1200 nis 

CareBNB Provides:

  • A clear plan to accomplish your goals

  • Practical and sustainable skills and tools in and outside the kitchen  

  • Simple meal ideas for healthy eating

  • Kitchen confidence! 

  • Deep rest

  • Energy

  • A goal roadmap so you can keep moving forward after your stay.

  • And much more! 

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