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Therapy with Pesach


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The power of a question contains potential to evoke a profound or sudden sense of meaning, understanding and connection.

The right question can alter the way we view or experience different parts of our lives. 

Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and raised in Hollywood, Florida. He attended the University of Florida where he received a Bachelors degree in Exercise & Sport Sciences (specializing in Fitness/Wellness) and a Masters in Sport Management. It was during this extraordinary period of time that Pesach – who, up until this point was known exclusively as “Zach” – had a spiritual awakening and subsequently made Aliyah to Israel just three months after completing the Masters degree program at UF.

Pesach finds fulfillment in the transformational and healing aspects of working with clients as a Narrative Therapist, exploring each individual’s fascinating story of life, meaning and values. His greatest accomplishment to date is crafting the life he shares with his wife Chanah and raising their 9 kids in Efrat, Israel. 

Pesach’s ultimate goal is to cultivate, nourish and strengthen people so that their lives become expressions of Divine Oneness.

Coaching with Chanah


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Retired Chef Raw Raw turned Coach

Food choices can reflect our overall well-being. If there is an imbalance in our life it is reflected on our plate.  

Internationally known chef-turned-coach, Chanah Rothberg offers a different approach to finding balance.  

Chanah  has made her impact at Whole Foods Market in Venice Beach, California, at Mitzpe Alumot in Northern Israel, and single-handedly ran her own “clean food” Cafe in Jerusalem Israel.  Currently she is helping individuals find their own unique paths toward healthy  living.

From a food perspective, Chanah wants her clients to leave their getaways feeling confident about adding veggies into their busy lives.

BA - University of Wisconsin-Madison
AS - Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales
Certified Narrative Therapist
Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

People of Efrat Podcast featuring Pesach and Chanah 

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Congratulations on taking the first step to a better you.

As a very health conscious person who was lost in the woods of tons of internet health information, stress and burnout, working with Chanah was a game changer for me. She was able to lightheartedly steer me away from my “all or nothing” mentality, which was making me feel heavy and overwhelmed, and take me back to the basics of what makes me feel good. Gentle reminders to put the fork down between each bite, participate in movement that I enjoy, and other solution oriented tips and tricks for me back on track and feeling more like myself. Chanah also checked in with my regularly, outside of our meetings, to remind me to implement, which I found to be  encouraging and helpful. It’s not just about “going on a diet,” it’s a holistic way of looking at health and well-being. 10/10 recommend!

Ariela Solomon Stein

Meet Our Family

CareBnB Israel was born from choosing to embrace both the beautiful and chaotic elements of our life together. With 9 children (teenagers down to infants), we are determined to share the focused wisdom we’ve gained from our experiences to help you navigate life’s biggest (and smallest) challenges. Our goal is for you to surf the waves of life and learn how and when to just stay afloat.

CareBnB is a space to bring it back to the basics. Join us for one of our Personal Growth Getaways designed to simplify your life and enrich your relationships. Learn to nourish your mind, body and soul through our holistic approach. You will leave CareBnB feeling serene, invigorated and eager to integrate new habits into your daily life! 


Join power couple Pesach and Chanah for a quick voyage into the inner workings of your life. Pesach works with the men. Chanah works with the women. At times we all work together.

Our Holistic Approach


Sleep on it.

Absorb all of your hard work,



Simple steps forward that create sustainable habits to achieve your goals.


When we feel 'stuck', oftentimes we just need to shift our energy around.


Let's go deep and evaluate whether your current narrative is serving you.


Learn how to tap into your breath to calm your nervous system.

Clean Food

When you eat real food from the earth, you'll simply feel better.

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