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Work with Pesach

Pesach offers online-based kosher energy work as well as narrative therapy online and in person. 

Pesach was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and grew up in Hollywood, Florida. After earning a bachelor's degree in Exercise & Sport Sciences (specializing in Fitness/Wellness) and a Master's in Sport Management from the University of Florida, he experienced a spiritual awakening and moved to Israel. As a Narrative Therapist, Pesach finds joy in helping clients discover their unique life stories and values. He is proud of his family and lives with his wife Chanah and nine children in Efrat, Israel. His ultimate goal is to help people strengthen themselves and become expressions of Divine Oneness.

What is Energy Work?

Energy work is a powerful modality of treatment that harmonizes your mind, body, and soul. It's a holistic process that invites a deeper awareness of energetic blockages and how they manifest in our lives as physical or emotional ailments. This non-local form of therapy helps release emotional trauma, overcome fear and anxiety, and achieve holistic wellness.

Through energy work, you can experience an increase in the quality of your relationships, boost your serenity, and achieve spiritual growth and fulfillment. It also helps reduce the negative influences of fear and anxiety while rehabilitating emotional, physical, and spiritual illness. Energy sessions reinforce the importance of self-love, providing you with the tools to unlock your full potential and thrive. Start your journey towards holistic wellness and prioritize your self-love by booking an energy session today!


Choose Energy Work if you’re looking to Release emotional trauma, overcome fear and anxiety, and experience holistic wellness. Improve relationships, boost serenity, and achieve spiritual growth.

What is Narrative Therapy?

Narrative therapy begins with a question. The power of a question contains the potential to evoke a profound or sudden sense of meaning, understanding, and connection.


A good question can alter the way we view or experience parts of our lives.


Narrative Therapy offers an opportunity to revise, edit and add detail to one's life story while actively rebuilding the client's sense of identity. The Narrative approach views individuals as the expert in their own lives and honors the client's exploration of values and meanings regarding what is important.

Choose Narrative Therapy if you want to transform your life story, discover deeper hidden meaning within yourself, or discover, clarify, or reclaim your sense of identity.

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