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Work with Chanah

Chanah offers Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching as well as EFT Tapping and other techniques. 

Chanah Rothberg is an internationally known chef-turned-coach who helps people find their unique paths toward healthy living. Chanah understands how food choices can reflect our overall well-being and helps her clients explore how our issues are often less about "the food" and more about "life."  When working with clients Chanah uses tools from her extensive background in culinary arts, health coaching, EFT Tapping and narrative therapy. Chanah has made her impact in various places such as Whole Foods Market, and her own "Clean Food" Cafe in Jerusalem, Israel. Chanah's ultimate goal is to help her clients feel confident with their food choices, prioritize self care and build realistic and sustainable habits to maintain a healthy life.

What is Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching?

Chanah Rothberg's holistic approach to coaching explores each individual's unique story and relationship with food, health (physical and mental), and body.  Chanah understand their unique personal needs and guides them toward making practical plans for a healthier lifestyle. Chanah’s lighthearted and human approach to healthy eating will inspire you to make lasting changes that go far beyond choosing the food on your plate.  

Choose Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching if you’re looking to discover the hidden connection between your life circumstances and your food choices — and experience authentic empowerment! 

What is EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping is a powerful technique that can help individuals change their relationship with food. By addressing the underlying emotional and psychological factors that drive our food choices and behaviors, EFT tapping can support individuals in creating healthier patterns and habits. By combining practical nutrition and culinary knowledge with emotional and psychological support through EFT tapping, Chanah empowers her clients to make lasting changes towards healthier eating habits and a more balanced relationship with food.

Choose Tapping if you’re looking for a method of releasing emotional connections without focusing on the rational perspective.

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