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Crowning the King of Kings: The British Royal Family and Rosh Hashana

by Pesach Rothberg, Co-Founder CareBnB ISRAEL of Efrat

A critical tenant of the Jewish faith, championed by the Ba'al Shem Tov and found ubiquitously throughout the timeless teachings of our sages and Chassidic masters, is that nothing is ever happenstance. All occurrences are brought forth by way of Divine Intervention and have specific purposes. In contemporary, metaphorical terms this world we inhabit is G[]d's social media platform used to send a DM* through the app collectively known as "Reality." The manipulation of major world leaders and even the mundane, day-to-day events of our lives is where HaShem labors to get our attention.

Indeed, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II ushered in a new era for the British Monarchy; but perhaps the coronation of King Charles III two weeks before Rosh Hashana is G[]d's way of reminding the Jewish people what we are really preparing for: Crowning G[]d King of Creation. This is the focal point of Rosh Hashana. The most important words of the entire New Year liturgy is "מלוך על כל העולם כולו בכבודך" - "reign upon the whole world entirely with Your Honor."

Accepting the Almighty's Sovereignty contains the realization that everything that ever happens in life is guided from Above. Being constantly aware of this carries the potential to transform the world and how we experience it. This Rosh Hashana may we be blessed to let the Ruler of Creation lead our (inner) world towards the fulfillment of its ultimate purpose.

*Direct Message, or in this case Divine Message

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