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During Chanukah one of the infinite number of things shining into us is rekindling our connection with Gסd. This is a necessary component of the Jew's unique role when it comes to the evolution of global consciousness. In prophetic terms, Isaiah 42:6 refers to the Jewish People as "a Light to the Nations/אור לגויים". Chanukah radiates the miraculous message of hope in the eternal victory of Light over Darkness. So what does it mean to be a light?

The entire world knows deep down that the Jewish People is different; despite all previous and current attempts there are no words that have yet to justify exactly why this is so. Maybe it's because the very thing that is incumbent upon us to share with humanity is too big for words. If we could shine it by living life as vessels for the Infinite One, even those who hate us might ultimately see that there's one world, one Gסd and we're all brothers and sisters.

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach once said, "the world has plenty of religions - Judaism included - that teach Gסd's Will, but we have not yet had the privilege to teach Gסd's Oneness..."

Who knows? All it might take is one candle.

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